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— natural essential oils.

Panarom is a brand specialised in medical aromatherapy, offering 100% pure and natural chemotyped essential oils and health products based on these oils. For over 17 years, they have been promoting the benefits of aromtherapy in Hungary, and strong emphasis is placed on training professionals in the Panarom Institute of Aromatherapy.

Our first task was the complete re-design of the brand, including the logo and package design, and the website. We wanted to create a youthful and genial impression that generates confidence in the method of aromatherapy. Presently, a few specific, playful colors and a characteristic laying pattern derived from the new logo are the basic elements that we have built the visual identity on. Presently, we are in charge for all the online and printed materials, like catalogues, brochures, fancy boxes and social media contents.

Client: Panarom / Date: 2016 - / Designers: Daniel Frolich, Orsolya Orosz, Zita Safranek, Sandor Debreczeni, Zsolt Zleovszki, Melinda Skriba / Photograpy: Daniel Frolich / Web Development: Auretto Works / / © All content copyright.

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